Martial Arts forSelf Defence 

Foundation Course for Practical Self Defence

Goju Ryu Karate students begin with a foundation course to prepare for graded streams for Goju Ryu Karate-do and Tai Chi Chuan-do where the focus is on self-defence, self-confidence, humility and respect for others and NOT training for competition, tournaments or trophies.

​FOUNDATION COURSE starts with learning solo kata or forms with a practical focus which utilises the opponent’s energy and principles of leverage and biomechanics to develop an “efficient and effective” fighting style. 

This course may include

​Study of Forms & Movement
  • ​Basic Karate Fighting Form - H-Pattern- Upper level Block/Punch - Taigyoku- Jodan, Chudan & Gedan

  • Tai Chi Chuan Sun Style 12 Form 

  • Yang Style 24 Form – Section 1 – Forms 1-8

  • ​Yang Style Fan Form – Sections 1 & 2

  • ​White Crane Breathing Form – Shirasagi Tensho 

  • ​Basic Movements & Fighting Form  – Sun Style – Playing the Lute (Cat Stance)

  • ​Sensing & Push Hands training


Basic Martial Form & Technique 
  • Stances, Blocks, Thrusts, Kicks, Snap, Smash & Posture

  • ​Self Defence Techniques against - Punches and kicks - Strangles - Body attacks – fingers, hands, wrists, arm grabs

  • Pressure Points – and other defences

  • ​Introduction to Key Principles - Yang Chen Fu’s Ten Principles – Yielding-body evasion - Co-ordinated  movement and breathing

KARATE-DO – “The Way of the Empty Hand” - GOJU RYU – Traditional Style of Karate - The Goju system is a blend of hard and soft techniques with training to be able to move quickly between hard and soft techniques and to draw back, deflect and utilise the strength, energy and power of the opponent to maximum advantage.  Goju karate places great value on the art of relaxation and developing powerful diaphragmatic breathing thus enhancing the power of the technique. Goju Ryu techniques are practised in forms called Kata. Goju karate places great importance on Kata from beginners through to black belt.


TAI CHI CHUAN-DO – “The Way of the Supreme Fist” – An energy efficient INTERNAL Chinese Martial Arts style utilising “push-pull” yielding principles and movements based on circular flowing movement and even tempo, making for harmony and balance. Much practice results in a high level of body-control which in turn results in greatly increased powers of mental concentration. Tai Chi Chuan teaches how to conserve and increase energy flow – the flow of chi.  For this reason it is suitable for people of all ages. Tai Chi Chuan develops the ability to know when the opponent is going to attack. Speed, sensitivity, and flexibility are built up, rather than brute force. If you learn to see danger before it reaches you, it can be neutralized.